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Layne Thompson KW Real EstateLayne Thompson KW Real Estate

Real Estate Investing in Utah

Our team helps individuals and companies to sell, purchase, or lease industrial parks, office buildings, retail centers, single and multi-family units, apartment complexes, land, and more.

Invest in Utah

Diversifying your investment portfolio is important, and we are better equipped than just about anyone in this area to do so. We can help you to earn a passive income while generating impressive returns via our knowledge and expertise in real estate investing. We are anxious to help you make the best decisions and receive the greatest returns from your real estate investments.


My team and I help you with the optimal use for your land. Our team is expert at helping you navigate the options to find the best possible outcome for your property. Let us guide you from raw land completely through the entitlement process.


Multi-family units have become a staple to nearly every robust investment portfolio. They can be one of the safest and most lucrative ways to invest.

Mobile Home Parks

It may surprise you to know that mobile home parks can provide low per-unit cost, low turnover, and low overhead, making them potentially fantastic real estate investment properties in Utah.


With longer average lease terms, relatively few market fluctuations, and low construction costs, Industrial real estate investments work very well for many investors. You won’t even have to worry about maintenance and utilities because they are the responsibility of the tenant.


This sector of the real estate market is growing quickly because storage units  provide investors with generous cash flow, low capital expenditure, and a track record of resilience across all economic cycles.


Although this is a sector which is changing due to the pandemic, class A, B, or C office space can still be a great option. Let us help you navigate the pitfalls to ensure you are investing soundly.


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Layne Thompson KW Real EstateLayne Thompson KW Real Estate

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